The 2019 crew

‘Lord’ Ian Brennan

No. parkruns: 65
Most at: Waterworks (49)
First parkrun: 2015

It sounds like something you’d buy on the internet but the ‘Lord’ was attributed his title after claiming the family 5k PB crown and a win for all the men at Mallusk. He is still in a constant running battle with the other half but by completing 24in24 he will guarantee his MH Lordship for the rest of his running days. He is always happy and loves a hill

Most likely to stop for a selfie with the Gruffalo

Neil ‘Boss Baby’ Campbell

No. parkruns: 113
Most at: Valley (90)
First parkrun: 2016

Neil is the boss at Mallusk Harriers. Also despite not quite being the youngest on the team his youthful complexion gives the impression that he is. A finisher from 2017 he decided it would be a good idea to go through the pain again. Since last time he has recorded his first sub 3 hour marathons at Dublin and Belfast

Most likely to get his leg over #footballdrillsbanter

‘Angry’ Danny Donaldson

No. parkruns: 186
Most at: Waterworks (128)
First parkrun: 2014

In 2017 the placid Danny surprised everyone by ranting and raving on the last 24in24 with his wife Tiffany bearing the brunt of his angst. Danny has also been minimising his running gear recently by joining the barefoot revolution (intentional) and disregarding the need for any more than one layer in the depths of winter (slightly less intentional)

Most likely to be seen swigging cider

Tiffany ‘Leg pain’ Donaldson

No. parkruns: 186
Most at: Waterworks (128)
First parkrun: 2014

Tiff has been through the most unbearable pain on her journey to 24in24 and we’re not talking about being married to ‘Angry’ Danny. Surviving the hours of leg tattooing will mean that 24in24 is literally a stroll in the park. Tiff is the only lady at the club to have completed a double marathon (and more) at the Cateran Ultra earlier this year

Most likely to tell Danny to STFU

Sharon ‘Sat Nav’ Dunn

No. parkruns: 39
Most at: Valley (32)
First parkrun: 2016

‘Don’t let Sharon run on her own!’ This was the advice we received from many a person we talked to who had spent hours searching for her after being lost at various runs. However, when not lost, Sharon is a formidable runner holding the MH ladies’ record for 39.3 miles set at Connemara this year

Most likely to pump out dance music on the bus

Stephen ‘Cheshire Cat’ Gallagher

No. parkruns: 14
Most at: Valley (13)
First parkrun: 2015

It’s been noted that if Stephen grew a big moustache he may be a ringer for Father ‘No I’m fine’ Stone in Father Ted. But we’ve opted for the ‘Cheshire Cat’ as he’s constantly grinning since deservedly becoming Mallusk Harriers’ latest ’Runner of the month’ with an amazing first marathon of 3:09 at Belfast

Most likely to be seen running away from dogs

Jim ‘Roll with it’ Guinn

No. parkruns: 100
Most at: Queens (51)
First parkrun: 2014

Jim’s nickname has everything to do with the fact that he’s one of the most easy going guys on the team and nothing at all to do with the fact that he bears a slight resemblance to brit pop legend Noel Gallagher. Jim ran his 100th parkrun last weekend at Queens and ran Belfast and Derry marathons in the last couple of months

Most likely to slope off to catch up with ‘Love Island’

Aidy ‘Translator’ Hughes

No. parkruns: 49
Most at: Valley (27)
First parkrun: 2015

Aidy ‘Tyrone Runner’ Hughes, the ‘Vest in the West’ has been recruited by the club to act as an interpreter on Sunday morning as the team heads west. The only issue is that not only do we not understand him, there is no evidence to suggest anyone out there will either. Will run his 50th parkrun at Portrush

Most likely to shrtn evry wrd t sav tme n efrt

‘Professor’ Alan Ladd

No. parkruns: 145
Most at: Waterworks (61)
First parkrun: 2010

The ‘brains’ of the 2017 operation has clearly lost his mind by coming back for more this year. Nicknamed ‘professor’ at the club for his love of a formula for anything and everything he’ll been churning out all the stats on the day. Living up to his 2017 billing as ‘Nap time’ Ladd, don’t be surprised to find him looking like a dead horse on the bus

Most likely to not change his shirt

Joe ‘Pidge’ Mathers

No. parkruns: 44
Most at: Waterworks (25)
First parkrun: 2016

Like most of the nicknames here, the origins of ‘Pidge’ sound pretty dubious. Apparently Joe resembles a bird when running… I’ve yet to see this likeness though it has to be said that Joe has been flying of late following up a cracking marathon in Amsterdam last Autumn with a couple of ultras this year

Most likely to be spotted at Tiesto the night before

Micky ‘Dash Cam’ McAuley

No. parkruns: 16
Most at: Valley (6)
First parkrun: 2015

Some companies let you reduce your car insurance by installing a dash cam. Unfortunately, Micky’s life insurance trebled when he installed a dash cam on himself for the 2018 Lurig race. (around 6:40 particularly impressive). A 100 miler at last man standing 2018 and 3 ultras already this year

Most likely to be wearing matching headgear with ‘Yoda’ O’Boyle

Karen ‘Sharing Caring’ McKee

No. parkruns: 12
Most at: Valley (10)
First parkrun: 2018

There won’t be a dull moment with Karen on the team. You’ll spot her laughing or crying or both. A very strong runner she completed her first ultra in training of 24in24. Karen made a name for herself with a television appearance promoting the challenge asking everyone to share it on their face

Most likely to hug a stranger

Lee ‘Yoda’ O’Boyle

No. parkruns: 16
Most at: Valley (5)
First parkrun: 2015

Lee the Mallusk guru of ultra running he is. I thought with this nickname people were simply being unkind about his height but the resemblance was uncanny at the end of the Connemarathon where he finished second. Lee turned green and threw up. He went one better at the Mourne Way ultra by not chundering. Oh and winning it

Most likely to keep a pic of Eliud Kipchoge in his pocket for inspiration

Laura ‘Selfie Queen’ Rose

No. parkruns: 102
Most at: Valley (64)
First parkrun: 2015

If you don’t know Laura then you clearly aren’t on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bebo, insert other social media platforms as appropriate… Laura is the selfie queen and will no doubt be busy throughout the day taking photos and sticking them up on social media. She’s not bad at running either. She holds the Mallusk Harriers women’s marathon record

Most likely to give you a vegan sausage roll

Christiaan ’20 a day’ Spies

No. parkruns: 4
Most at: Waterworks (2)
First parkrun: 2016

Christiaan is the parkrun enthusiast at the club but very selective. The team have clocked well over 1000 park runs between them and Christiaan has contributed just 4 of those. He has a strong dependency on coffee but has recently managed to get this down to 20 a day. A great finish at Connemara and the coffee should keep him going through the night

Most likely to wear white compression sleeves and call himself Kipchoge